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Hi! If you're reading this, then you're reading the wrong journal! :o (haha, that reminds of the thing in the front/back of shonen jump that says "You're reading the wrong way!" all arrogant and stuff ^_^) So anyway, I've changed my name! I've been wanting to do so for a loooong time, but could never think of anything i really liked. This name just randomly hit me, and I really like it, but I'll probably change it in like a week when something I like even better suddenly hits me head on. So! The new name is ethereal_onyx! Hurray! Onyx is one of my favorite stones, its so shiny and black and deep and lovely...and ethereal is a word I've always loved for some reason. So yeah. Plus theres a deeper meaning, but I won't go into detail. So yeah, go check it out ^_~ I'm about to go post there for the first time (aww! kodak moment!) But I've already moved all the posts from here into there (minus the comments, that would just be ridiculous) So its time to say goodbye to the harpy lady *bows head* *sniffle* I'm gonna keep this journal though, so don't be surprised if I post on here randomly. Bye!
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Okay, this has nothing to do with people eating people, i just think it's an interesting concept and worth mentioning.

So. I need advice. I'm usually amazing at convincing my parents to let me do..whatever, and i am incredibly stealthy when it comes to pulling off such things. However, I have never tried to pull off an operation of this magnitude. The dilemma is this: how do i convince my parents to let me go on a road trip to california? Because that would OWN. Adam and Caitlin want to go to LA for a little while this summer to become paparazzi ^_^ Like seriously, we're gonna carry around cameras and try to stalk celebrities. Just for kicks. Oh, and aidan will probably come too. He's needed for the sarcastic commentary. We're either gonna fly or just drive, personally i think driving would be so much more fun. Oh, and we're gonna carry walkie talkies. But i don't know how to bring it up with my parents. I mean, they wouldn't even let me get a ride from a friend to ROCHESTER. Yeah, two years ago, i asked them if me and caitlin could go on a road trip to cali the summer after we graduate, and my mom says yes, but probably because she knew we would never do that. Still. I could totally use that against her. A verbal agreement is binding in the state of new york. So there. Oh! And I know someone who lives around there, and it would be so cool to be able to see him! Oh, but i think he's gonna be in africa then...But seriously, that would be SO much fun, because those three are like, my favorite people. In the universe. So therefore, that trio plus roadtrip = ownage. And besides, I feel really...weird about just going right from highschool to college, like..i dunno, like im not enjoying life as much as i should and not making the most of my time. So i think i really need something like this. Hey! I could say that to my parents!! Haha, yeah right, safety comes waaaay before happiness in their book, and "omg! big city! helpless little theresa is gonna get raped!" Ha. Come and get me. I dare ya.
So I was totally dead set on not going to prom, because, i dunno, i figured it was a total waste of time and money, but now i think im changing my mind. I dunno, i really love dressing up, and the greek theme sounds cool, and i think it could be fun. I think I'll go with Aidan, ya know, considering he is the love of my LIFE. Well, not quite, but still, he is pretty freakin awesome, what with the infinite snarkiness and all ^_^ But that means I'll have to find a dress pretty effing speedy. And im extremely picky. I want one of those mermaid ones thats tight on the hips but fans out at the bottom. They are love and I think I could pull that off. And caitlins group already has like 24 people in it, and they already have a limo and everything, so i wouldn't have to worry about that. Mmkay, I just ate like, four pieces of pizza, so excuse while i go make myself throw up. Im totally kidding. Mostly. But seriously, I've decided that, starting tomorrow, I'm going to try to lose about 10-20 pounds. Now shut up, I know I don't NEED to, and I don't think that I'm like fat or anything, i happen to have extremely high self esteem. I have two main reasons for doing this: One, I don't feel that I'm living up to my full potential, I'm not as fit as I possibly could be, and I always want to be the best I can be in every situation. (and martial arts requires you to be in excellent shape, and im going to start training in tae kwon do in the fall, so i want to be prepared.) The second reason....I can't say. It's quite a ridiculous reason that makes NO sense whatsoever, and no sane mind would understand. It's actually kinda funny, but I can't tell ^_^ You people think I'm crazy enough as it is, this information would push me into the "batshit fucking insane" category.
I have made my peace with the fact that the AP is on monday, and I could not possibly be less prepared. I didn't study at all today. And I doubt I'll study much tomorrow. I was sincerely thinking of just not showing up, and even discussed this with my mom. The one flaw in that plan is that I would have to go to school, and I know I won't write my government speech this weekend, nor will i brainstorm for my sculpture project. I kinda like the word nor. Either or, neither nor. Beautiful. So anyway, Adam said that on an AP, you can decide whether or not you want it sent to your college. So I really don't have anything to lose. I could just go, take the test, bomb it, and that would be that. Yeah, that means I'll have to take bio in college, but I really want to anyway, because I didn't learn anything this year. And, although this concept has been forgotten by most students, the purpose of education is to LEARN. No, seriously, I swear it is. I'm definitely (whoa, did I actually just spell that right?) not coming back to school that day. I think me and michaela are going out to eat, and then, I dunno, maybe we'll just sit somewhere and not think. That sounds good.
Did you really think that I could make a post on saturday without mentioning yugioh? Ha! I laugh at you. I'll try and make it painless. So we found out the pharoahs real name, and omg! they didn't butcher it in the dub! Yay! I was afraid they were going to call him like...steve or something. But oh my goodness! Major seto character development! The others were trying to concentrate hard on the pharaohs name, and zork tried to attack them to stop them, but then seto stopped his attack! Awww! he doesn't even like them! Its like last week when he protected those kids from zork, that was so cute ^_^ Oh, and then joey said that not even kaiba could just write this off as a mind trick, and he goes "Maybe there is some truth to all this..." And everyone (including millions of viewers) went "0.o" because omg he's actually accepting it as the truth! The three main characters I think are the pharaoh, bakura and seto. They each have a dilemma dealing with the past. The pharaoh can't remember the past, bakura can't forget the past, and kaiba can't ignore the past. Awww, and then at the end, the pharaoh gave his millenium puzzle to high priest seto and declared him as the new pharaoh and omg it was soooo cute, because seto really didn't want to be pharaoh, he just wanted to help the pharaoh, he's so not power hungry, he is love. Oh! And the pharaohs like "just focus on the light within" and he's like "the light within...." and an image of kisara flashed across the screen. AWwwwww!! poor seto and his dead love. *tear!* Okay, I lied, that certainly wasn't painless, there was much fangirlishness.
Sculpture class is really stressing me out. More so than bio. Probably because in bio i just slack off and not care, but in sculpture i actually WANT to do well, not for the grade, but for me. And also Mrs. Collins' disapointment is hard to face for some reason. I feel connected to her in a weird way, its hard to explain. So the assignment is an altered book. We take a book and do all these crazy artsy things to it. It's supposed to reflect us. My original plan was to do it on egypt, particularly the goddess Bast. But now I just don't feel inspired by that, and in order to work on a project i need to WANT it. I think i really want to do something that reflects my dark side, not very many people ever see that side of me. It's amazing how most people think im this innocent little goody-good who would never do anything to hurt anyone. Example, my locker is next to john difazio, and recently i couldn't find the book i was looking for, and i dropped a rather angry f-bomb, and john looked all shocked and was like: "I didn't know you swear!" -.- Double yoo....tee...eff...But that's the idea im kinda drawn to right now. Bringing out my inner goth through art. However, there is one little problem: I have ZERO time to turn the project around. That takes a lot of brainstorming. We have less than a month of class left, and I still have to do the book, a mobile, and a sculptural self portrait. That's nearly impossible. But I can't look at it like that. Gackt taught me that nothings impossible and if you want something bad enough, you can do it, and for that i am eternally grateful, and that is why i am trying to spread the word about him, because it's the least i can do ^_^ Wow, this is extremely long. I think I'll wrap it up here or I may never stop. (And I swore I wouldn't mention gackt this time! Curses, I almost made it!)

Oooh a quote! While I was waiting for yugioh to come on, I was flipping through various cartoons, and came across discovery!kids' time-warp-trio. Actually, kind of a funny show despite the ghastly animation. And this quote was said by a buddhist monk:
"To the mind that wishes to learn, everything is a lesson"
I like that. I wish everyone was more like that. My dream is to seriously live life like that. To train under a kung fu master (like Pai Mei or something ^_^) on some chinese mountain. You wouldn't just learn marial arts, you would gain so much wisdom. I think everyone should have an experience like that, society would be much richer (and i'm not talking about money)
Peace out! ^_~
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Mmkay, lets see if i can figure out how to put a picture in here...


Nope, I can't, I'll just use a linkity link:

Ahhhhhh!!! It's as if someone...sucked his soul out and put it on paper. Or something equally plausible. But seriously, freaky shit. Yet it makes me so delighted ^_^

Yeah, I should really study for that AP....

Edit: <---apparently, they also share a wardrobe ^_^ and a love of handguns.
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Link storaaaaaaaaage!
Oh i do so love these uncreative posts ^_^

All five appearances on Utaban, subtitled (because im sick of hunting through youtube everytime i wanna watch one! Stupid people with their undescriptive summaries...)

contents: "the hidden meat" at grocery stores and how to go about obtaining it, taking four days to cook anything (no wonder he's so thin...) and playing the piano on a moving platform and NOT NOTICING HE'S MOVING (how can someone be THAT into their music?)

contents: demonstrating his matrix-influenced shower technique (it is like, not possible to bend that far back 0.0) his thoughts on "sexual play" (8 hours, wtf? 0.o) and of course, his "magnum" ("i didn't mean to say that on national television") ^_^

contents: to kick or be kicked, "Men....will have to fight", telling his fans to "come and get some", and being distracted by the chandelier while the hosts are trying to talk to him ^_^

contents: his crotchsplitting mechanism (slightly freaked out, but okay) in leather pants nonetheless, an amusing display of sadism "here let me help you" "gakutooooooo!!", getting felt up by the hosts (seriously, does he ever leave a talkshow without getting molested?) the 6% body fat, and what gackt looks for in a girl "i guess it would be bad form to say "good in bed""

"the jungle", mostly talk of his magnum (awkwaaaard), plus his freaky-ass hearing (i didn't realize lights made a sound 0.o) and some sweet drumming. Is it enirely necessary to wear sunglasses indoors, when the lights are already turned off? On EVERY appearance on this show? Oh well, its incredibly smexy anyway ^_^

Sorry about all the link storages lately, i feel a rant coming on later though, so stay tuned! (god, did i actually just write that...? *hates self* )
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(no subject)

omg...omg omg omg omg omg!!!

Caitlin's not answering her phone so I need to vent for a moment on here. One of the main OC characters might die next week! OMG! OMG! OMG!!! But it said, like, MAY not survive, ya know how they do that all the time? Where you think someones gonna die, but then they like, don't? They totally did that with luke. "Someone may be leaving the OC forever" But then he just like, moved away. Omg, what if its summer, she like, carries that show, but omg what if its seth!? I would have to start like, cutting myself every thursday night to fill the void!!!! OMG!!!!!

*deep breath*
Ah, its refreshing to feel like a normal teenager every once in a while ^_^
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Link storaaaaaaage

Yeah, i know, i do that a lot. It must get pretty irritating, you check to see if i've updated, on the edge of your seat, the mood of your entire day resting on that one loading screen. And then you see that i have! Your life suddenly has meaning again! is just a link. You sink back into your former shadow of a life, hungrily eyeing the razor blade gleaming next to you....I apologize. </ego> ^_^

So yeah, i was gonna go through gackt's interveiws on the talk show Utaban and write down the funny parts, because they were just that great and im just that sad, but then bam! In study hall, one of three, there they were, all written out. An hour or so of work already done ^_^

Even if you're not a gackt fan, i would recommend reading it because it is ever so funny. Actually, i take that back, you would have to see the clips, because its his demeanor that makes them so funny. Everything is said completely seriously. Like they're the most obvious things in the world. Ah gackt, to know him is to love him. But I know no one will take the time to watch those clips (which i should probably store a link to since i don't want to go searching for them every time i need a good laugh...) but then again, dan did take the time to break into my email account, try and fuck with my aim account, and apparently he repeatedly checks to see if i've changed the access question yet...yeah.

Hmm, i kinda feel bad, thats like the third gackt-centric entry in a row. Even though this post was mostly for myself, I feel I should have something for the audience, you know, so you can find the strength to live another day....ummm....oh, okay! I usually sleep naked. Enjoy!
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gackt attack (that almost rhymes..)

I just feel like posting, I'm kinda hyper, yeah, yeah. Tomorrow should rock, I'm pretty sure I'm just leaving after first period (can't miss that bio!) to go watch japanese episodes of yugioh at michaela's house. What a way to spend a school day. But she can't call herself a fangirl without seeing these episodes, theres a holographic bitch slap and everything. Ownage.
So I just cut my nails, shocking isn't it? Don't worry, it isn't because I'm going tame. They were growing really weak for some reason (protein deficiency anyone?) so I'm starting over. I'll use strengthener this time. Booya.
I realized that I hardcore lurve Jacquie Jones. She is freaking hilarious in a psychotic "I'm gonna burn your house down with your family inside" kinda way. Which is the highest form of hilarity.
So I just ordered two Gackt CD's, Moon and Mars, which are supposedly two of the best ones. Normally they were like 50 dollars each, since they're imported from japan, but i got them both for 32, what now bitches! (not sure who I'm referring to there...) But seriously, he is freaking awesome. I feel a rant coming on, so either bear with me or skip the next massive paragraph, it's your choice. First off, he's freaking gorgeous. Like, to the max. His abs make me want to cry from sheer desire. And he's fluent in like, six languages. And he plays seven instruments. The coolest part is, no one knows his real name or how old he is. I love mystery. And he's like, not normal, which is always a plus. I hate normal people. When he was seven he almost drowned in the Okinawa sea, and since then he's been able to communicate with like, dead people. And because of this he was put in a mental institution when he was ten. Fun. But anyway, he uses no electric lights in his house, everything is candle light just because he likes it better. He doesn't eat anything like cake or cookies or candy, but no ones sure why. He knows martial arts (that alone makes him super cool in my book) Plus, he's a total nympho. Hawt. I promised myself (and connor) that i wouldn't talk about kaiba, but I feel I must make connections. They are freakishly similar in some ways. I mean, if anyone was a real life seto kaiba, it would be him. Both had very angsty childhoods, both are competitive almost to an insane amount (when gackt was just a kid, a friend of his played piano better than him, so he skipped school and spent days on end, without sleeping, just practicing until he surpassed him. Yeah.) Both wear awe-inspiring leather pants. Both drive sweet cars, and quite recklessly. His face actually looks like kaiba too, when he isn't wearing makeup that is ^_^ Aww, and he calls his fans his "dears", how smexily cute. ^_^ It seems like there was more about him that I wanted to say....Oh well. He is a god. I want him. I want him muchly. (is that a word?) And the best part? He's a real person! Probably unattainable, but still! Progress!
I've decided to eat healthier. Junk food makes me feel icky, and I don't like feeling icky, so I won't stand for it! I'm proud of myself, usually i succumb to the ice cream and philadelphia creme cheese snackbars. Not that you care, but here's what I ate today! *drumroll* Like, a handful of honey bunches of oats (stupid early bus..), a banana at lunch because i left my lunch at home (stupid early bus...) then at 3:30 i ate my lunch, which was a banana, peanuts and celery (protein, woot!) then i had...another banana (god i live for bananas) and a little strawberry smoothy, and then cheeseless lasagna (because cheese is the devil) So yay! Go health! It'll probably only last 2 days or so, but still!
I really want nunchuck lessons, but i fear it will be awkward, because cam continually mauls me. I may have to claw him. That would be sad, I like cam. Ninja's are cool.
This is long, I can't think of anything else to rant about (phenomenal!) So, instead of a quote, I thought I'de leave with a smexy picture of Gackt or two. So that you too can appreciate the glory that is that godly j-rocker. <--Leather pants!! ZOMG! <--random skateboard. Love. <--too much makeup and I liked it better when he had darker hair, but <--he looks really like...normal in this one, but whatever i kinda like it. <---hehe, pretty ^_^ <--Remove the lipstick and the girl, and you have one smexy bishie
Okay, okay, I'll stop, this is really more for my enjoyment than the readers anyway ^_^
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chicka chicka ow ow

Today, during the library chilling session necessary to provide ourselves for the rigors of AP bio, I made a startling realization about my dear Seto Kaiba.
During season five, there was a duelist named Vivian Wong. Well, actually, she was a model who turned into an actress who turned into a kung fu master, who turned into a duelist. And, it is fact that she has a huge crush on kaiba. (zomg who wouldnt?!) Seriously, I'm not just making that part up or pulling together completely obscure things to form that theory, it's actually stated. Okay, that out of the way. The night before the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship tournament began, there was a big party thing with all the duelists that was mainly for the press (and it was mokie's idea, how friggin cute! ^_^) But anyway, that night, yugi's talking to Vivian, Joay and Tristan are standing to the side all like "Go yugi!" and when he's like midsentance, she suddenly goes "*gasp!* Is that Seto Kaiba?! Over here! Kaiba poo!" and ran off, leaving yugi quite confused. The two aren't seen much the rest of the night. That alone obviously doesn't suggest much. HOWEVER!! The next morning is when the tournament starts. I thought it was odd that Mokuba was announcing the kick-off of the tournament, instead of Seto who is actually throwing the tournament. Also, Seto shows up halfway through Mokie's speech, by way of blue eyes white jet and jet pack, looking slightly rumfled. Clearly, he was in a hurry. Why? Because he got up late. Why? Because he was having wild sex all night with Vivian Wong!!!!! Booya!!!! I think it makes sense though. I mean, she obviously isn't someone Seto would pursue long term, she's quite obnoxious which he wouldnt tolerate. But otherwise, it's a good fit. She's a model, he's mindnumbingly gorgeous. She's an actress, he's unnecessarily dramatic. She's a kung fu master, he too is a kick ass martial artist. Both duelists, although she pales in comparison to his skills (so he has the upper hand, which he clearly enjoys!) Yeah, I've thought this through too much...Now, you would think that this thought would anger me, seeing as my life revolves around him and I would want him to myself. But you would be wrong. See, I just recently realized that my obsession is quite unselfish. I want him to be happy. Deliriously happy. That's why it kills me that I'll never be with him: not because it means I'll never have him, but because I'll never be able to help him through the many, many dramatic events that that show has. Awww like when he was being shown clips from his past by that Noa kid, and when it showed him and mokie going to the orphanage, he kinda closed his eyes for a second like he needed to collect himself. It was so frustrating not being able to make him feel better. Grr. Okay, this is getting a little too deep. To wrap up, I'm happy for Kaiba that he may have gotten some from Vivian Wong, he deserves to be laid, and she's pretty hot.  End of rant. 

*enter wise, sage quote here* --- (Please insert culture/religion) Proverb.